Tennessee Waltz Ukulele Tab by Patti Page

Ever since my late great-uncle told me (multiple times) at a family event that the Tennessee Waltz was his favorite song, I’ve felt a fondness for this tune and was happy to make an ukulele tab for it.

I first discovered Sam Cooke’s version and rocked to that for years – even though it’s not actually a waltz.

One of my students requested this tune as done by Bonnie Raitt and Norah Jones a number of years ago. Since you can hardly find a more awesome duo, I was totally game to teach it.

Their version is meandering and mellow. A very pretty tune that fits well on the ukulele. If you’re more familiar with Patti Page’s version, this probably won’t seem too different except for a few lyric changes.

Strum it or pick the melody or try putting the two together. Just remember to count in 3 instead of 4! The sheet is in the key of F – different than Bonnie’s version.

Tennessee Waltz ukulele tab

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