Ukes For Ukraine Live Stream Fundraiser

This page is a hub for information and handout downloads for workshops. It is NOT the home of the stream! To watch and donate, click on the button below to go to the YouTube live stream page:

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Donations are open until the end of April!

We raised over $10,000 by the end of the stream! Mahalo to everyone who donated. If you want to pitch in, you still can.

Where Are Donations Going?

The Ukes For Ukraine live stream is donating all proceeds to World Central Kitchen.

WCK is on the ground cooking meals for Ukrainian civilians. They are serving nearly 300,000 meals a day across 55 cities in and around Ukraine and #ChefsForUkraine is still ramping up efforts to get food to the people that need them most.

Read the latest WCK updates from Ukraine



Live from Denmark! Join Tobias to learn his tune, “Lazy Sunday” and some of the accompanying techniques. For intermediate/advanced players.

Watch “Lazy Sunday” on YouTube


Join Kevin Carroll for a 45-min workshop to explore his arrangement of the beautiful National Anthem of Ukraine.

This chord melody version of the song will be best suited to intermediate players (and beyond) in Low-G tuning.

Learning this music can help us connect more deeply to the Ukrainian people, their culture and their current struggles.

Listen to MIDI of Kevin’s Arrangement

Download National Anthem of Ukraine TAB


Victoria Vox will lead a workshop featuring her original songs “Clean” and “Same Dirt”.

Useful techniques taught in “Clean” include anticipated strum patterns, finger-picking, and barre chords vs. open (easier) chord substitutions!

“Same Dirt”, a song for peace, will be a strum along using 3 simple chords. You will also learn about suspended chords!

Theses songs can be found in advance anywhere music is streamed.

Listen to “Clean”

Listen to “Same Dirt”


Download “Clean” Lyric & Chord Sheet

Download “Clean” Score

Download “Same Dirt” Lyric & Chord Sheet

Download “Same Dirt” Score/TAB


Right hand ukulele strumming techniques including rasgueado, scratch, swing, Guiro Bossa, and more!

Download right hand techniques handout

PERFORMANCE – Herb Ohta, Jr. & Jake Shimabukuro

An exclusive performance from the Chee/Maisel backyard!

WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE – Craig Chee/Sarah Maisel

Doo-Wop Till You Drop – All Levels

This class focuses on popular progressions, including Doo-Wop, Blues, and Pop. With those we will also discuss holding the instrument, barre chords, and creating efficiency while playing.

It’s a perfect class for the beginner ‘ukulele player, but even experienced players will learn a lot!

Doo-Wop Till You Drop Worksheet

WORKSHOP – Brad Bordessa

Single string melodies are easy for beginners and intriguing for advanced players! In this workshop, Brad will share the basics of shifting up and down the fretboard and how to play only on one string. Learn the magic of the chromatic scale and apply it in a beautiful Hawaiian melody.

Download “Sanoe” Single String TAB

CLOSING PERFORMANCE – Brad Bordessa & Keoki Kahumoku

Short performance of some classic Hawaiian tunes and closing with “Hawaiʻi Aloha”.

Support the Artists

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