Lesson 14 – Chord Relay Exercise

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  • Anna Baluyot May 19, 2022

    Excellent exercise. The first time feels a little clunky — but remarkably by the 2 and 3 time the transitions were fairly smooth. Something that helped me was, thinking of my index and middle finger as a unit. These two digits are much more dexterous, and allows me to concentrate and the ring and pinky more closely.

    • Brad Bordessa May 19, 2022

      Good tip to think of fingers 1 and 2 together since they’re stronger!

  • bob seeley May 21, 2022

    After many, many hours of practicing switching chord shapes, hammer ons, pull offs, three finger windows, walk ups, ladders, slides and such, this lesson has suddenly given me a brand new challenge that seems oddly familiar, yet completely unfamiliar at the same time. I love the manual dexterity practice as well as the brain teaser flip of angles that I have to wrap my dyslexic head around. Thank you Brad and Joe Satriani.

  • Susan Murry Aug 19, 2023

    I have been doing this as the “spider” exercise with separate fingers.
    It is a lot more difficult moving the fingers as one unit.
    After a few days it seemed a lot easier.
    Truly helps my coordination with chords and proper hand position.
    Pinky finger needs to lift weights and do yoga exercises.

  • douglas powdrell Dec 14, 2023

    Very good finger exercises….thanks….