“Ehu Girl” By Kolohe Kai ‘Ukulele Chords

An amazingly hook-y song about the red-ish tinge in the hair of some Polynesians.

This one is STILL on the radio! I was teaching my young ‘ukulele students this song for years. Seems like the initial fad is well over, but it’s still a fun song.

The intro picking tries to recreate the saxophone sound of the recording. Not especially difficult, but a good riff to practice your slides on. The last note extends down into low-G range, but if you play the last three up an octave on the A-string 7th fret and then E-string 8th fret/7th fret, you could probably make it work fine with a high-g.

If you need a hand with the chords, you can find them here with pictures and diagrams.

this is the life album cover Kolohe KaiEhu Girl
Kolohe Kai
This Is The Life
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    C     F           G     C     F         G
A |-----------------------|-----------------------------------
E |-----0-1-0-------------|-----0-1-0---3/5-3-0---3/5-3-0-----
C |-0-2-------2h4p2-0-2-0-|-0-2-------0---------0---------0---
G |-----------------------|---------------------------------4-

Am//// G/... Am//// G/...

                       C                                   Dm                  G
Said it happened last night about ten to eleven when I first set eyes on you,
            C                               Dm                    G
Standing in line into Club Triple 7, it was just like heaven and a dream come true,
Dm                          G                           Am
We’re standing at the right place at the right time,
Dm                         G/
When you, this ehu girl, caused a crime.

           C                F                   G
You’re my pretty little ehu girl who made me a fool in love,
C                     F                       G
Got my heart all in a whirl and now it needs cooling off,
                     C  F            G
You set my heart on fire and now I don’t know what to do,
                     C F              G
You set my heart on fire and now I’m so in love with you my ehu girl.

    C     F           G     
A |---------------------------------0-
E |-----0-1-0---3/5-3-0---3/5-3-0-----
C |-0-2-------0---------0---------0---
G |-----------------------------------

Am//// G/...

Said I’m feeling it now, something I’ve never felt,
My heart’s so hot I think I’m gonna melt,
Somehow, I want to see you again
My love, sent from above. 
Dm                                  C
And beautiful girls yes I’ve seen a few, 
            Dm                                  G/
but out of all the beauty in the world there’s no one quite like you.



                 C     Dm
The way your ehu hair flows in the air,
              C            Dm
The way your shining eyes reflect the sky, 

              C           Dm
The way your smile burns up my flame,
          F/                   G/
But I don’t know your name and I guess I’ll call you... 

Chorus 2x>

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