Margaritaville Ukulele Chords by Jimmy Buffett

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I sort of missed the prime Jimmy Buffett years, but still grew up with his tunes blasting through the yard on weekends. He managed to sell a lifestyle along with his music that really speaks to people (and sells hamburgers at his Margaritaville chain of restaurants!). As far as marketing goes, he’s a genius.

His number one hit in all of its simple glory is, at its heart, a three chord song. Play A instead of A7 and even a beginner can strum along.

To play the picking intro, just use the thumb and index of your right hand together to pinch the strings. The thumb plays the C-string, index plays the E-string. These double-stops add harmony to a simple melody and emulate the steel drum/keyboard line at the beginning of Margaritaville.

Jimmy Buffett
Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
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    D                       G         D
A |-------------------------2-2-2-------|
E |-5-5-5-3--5--5-5-5-3--5--3-3-3-5-3-2-|
C |-6-6-6-4--6--6-6-6-4--6--------6-4-2-|
G |-------------------------------------|

Nibblin' on sponge cake,

watchin' the sun bake;
All of those tourists covered with oil.

Strummin' my six string on my front porch swing.

Smell those shrimp
                     D   (D7)
They're beginnin' to boil.

G       A                 D            (D7)
Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
G                A              D        (D7)
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
G           A                    D  A     G
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
      A7                 D
But I know it's nobody's fault.

Don't know the reason,

Stayed here all season
With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.

But it's a real beauty,

A Mexican cutie, how it got here
            D   (D7)
I haven't a clue.


I blew out my flip flop,

Stepped on a pop top,
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home.

But there's booze in the blender,

And soon it will render
                                          D       (D7)
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.