Beachwalk ʻUkulele Tab by Herb Ohta Jr.

ukulelebreezeBeachwalk is one of the ʻukulele songs I’ve loved longest. It’s time the world had a proper ʻukulele tab to learn this fabulous piece from.

The song itself has been in my life longer than any other tune I know how to play. And out of all the great ʻukulele instrumentals I’ve heard, it stands strong as one of my all-time favorites.

In true Herb form, Beachwalk is a simple song. It is, however, not so simple to play.

Like most of Ohta’s songs, Beachwalk utilizes his uncanny ability to combine melody and chord together in a seamless fashion. In a nutshell, you pick the melody as normal and play chord harmonies lower than the melody note in rhythmically satisfying places.

This takes years to learn. However, with a tab you can see into the magic inner-workings of such an arrangement.

If you want to study this style in-depth, I highly recommend James Hill’s The Ukulele Way. It is the most comprehensive course for this style I know of. And, while it won’t make you play like Herb, it will give you a really good idea what he does to make his songs tick.

This Beachwalk ʻukulele tab is as accurate a representation of the recording as I could come up with, focusing on the lead ʻukulele part.

The chords above the staff should be helpful with adding some chords here and there to fill out the sound if you are playing it solo. Otherwise, the second ʻukulele provides most of the harmony with some simple strumming.

Beachwalk ʻUkulele Tab PDF

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