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Pahala We Go ʻUkulele Tab by Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho

Pahala We Go” is the first track off of Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho’s new ʻukulele instrumental album 2 to Three Feet. Here’s a tab for the catchy tune.

Pahala is a little plantation town on the south-east side of Hawaiʻi island. It’s where the Kahumoku Music and Lifestyle Workshop was held for many years. I attended these workshops as a youth and they were really formative for me as a musician and as a person.

Herb Ohta Jr. was a regular instructor there. Daniel Ho came the first year (which I missed). The inspiration for the song was this gathering.

This tab mainly focuses on Herb’s part of the song because Daniel plays his Koaloha D-VI and therefore plays some notes unavailable to 4-string players. I tabbed optional/second-time-around notes in parenthesis to save space and allow for more personalization options.

Tune your ʻukulele low-GCEA.

The song itself is fairly straightforward, the only things to watch are the octave slides and the G7 walk up in measure 24.

Pahala We Go ʻukulele tab

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