E Kuʻu Morning Dew ʻUkulele Tab by Eddie Kamae

sonsofhawaiiThere are few old-school Hawaiian bands better known than the Sons of Hawaiʻi. One of their most famous songs was written by ʻukulele legend Eddie Kamae and is called E Kuʻu Morning Dew. Here’s an ʻukulele tab.

With an original lineup of Gabby Pahinui, Eddie Kamae, David “Feet” Rogers, Joe Marshall, Moe Keale, and Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, the Sons were a who’s who of powerhouse Hawaiian musicians. If you want to hear really authentic Hawaiian ʻukulele playing, Sons of Hawaiʻi are required listening since Eddie Kamae had a signature sound that really defined the style.

E Ku’u Morning Dew is one of frontman Eddie Kamae’s most famous songs. It has a repeating jazz sort of ii-V-I progression that is odd in Hawaiian music, but makes the song very easy to play. This translates to Am, D7, G in the key of G.

For a more mellow sound, use a Hawaiian D7 chord. This is played 2020 and moves the blues note from being the highest note in the chord like a standard 2223 D7 to one of the lower notes in the chord.

This ʻukulele tab highlights the melody in the key of G and also throws in some strums to fill out the harmony. Play with a low-G string to reach all the melody notes.

E Ku’u Morning Dew ʻUkulele Tab

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