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MISI Pickup Install

Yesterday I took a trip down south to Puna to visit my good friend and master luthier Chuck Moore. He agreed to do a pickup install for me seeing as I was getting tired of lugging around a preamp for my passive K&K. Chuck recommended the MISI Acoustic Trio pickup and having seen positive reviews about it for years, I was on board right away.

The process was pretty simple. Remove the old strings, take the old saddle out, make a new saddle, drill holes in the bridge (one on each side), fit the pickup, and mount it.

It sounds great! The sound is a bit different than the old pickup, but much more full and the attack of the notes changed a bit. I’m very happy with it so far.

As far as I’m concerned, Chuck is one of the best ‘ukulele makers in the world. His work is just top notch. The current waiting list for one of his “Moore Bettah Ukes” is way out the door, but you can still drool over his work on his website: http://www.moorebettahukes.com/index.html

Here’s a little slideshow I made on flickr of the different steps of installation. I tried to caption each photo. To see my remarks, hover over the slideshow and click “Show info”.

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Brad Bordessa

Brad plays 'ukulele on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He writes original music, performs, and hunts unicorns - all with only an 'ukulele.

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