“Amazing Grace” ‘Ukulele Chords And Tab

This is hands-down the shortest songs on the site. It’s also one of the most memorable and classic.

Try and make each chord as sweet as possible as your play it on your ‘ukulele. To do this you can try extending your strums so that they roll across the strings longer instead of plopping out in one go. Also, be sure to fret each note as cleanly as possible. This will help the notes ring true and sound richer.

When picking the song, you’ll notice that the tab shows the notes predominantly on the A string. This means you’ll have to make some finger switches. Don’t just try to play everything with one finger.

For example, when you move up to the ‘ukulele’s 10th fret, shift your whole hand and play 10 with your pinky and then use your index finger to fret the 7th so that you can toggle back and forth between fingers. When you return to the 3rd fret you can shift back.

Amazing Grace
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       C            F          C
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
     C               F       C
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
   (Am)        G7    C
Was blind, but now I see.

A |-------|--3-----------7--3----|--7-----5----|--3-----0----|-------------|
E |--3----|----------------------|-------------|-------------|--3-----3----|
C |-------|----------------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
G |-------|----------------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|

A |--3-----------7--3----|--7-----5----|--10----7----|--10-------7--10-7----|
E |----------------------|-------------|-------------|----------------------|
C |----------------------|-------------|-------------|----------------------|
G |----------------------|-------------|-------------|----------------------|

A |--3----------|--0--------3--3--0----|-------------|--3-----------7--3----|
E |--------3----|----------------------|--3-----3----|----------------------|
C |-------------|----------------------|-------------|----------------------|
G |-------------|----------------------|-------------|----------------------|

A |--7-----5----|--3----|-------||
E |-------------|-------|-------||
C |-------------|-------|-------||
G |-------------|-------|-------||