‘Ukulele Scales: Free Fretboard Chart PDF Downloads

‘Ukulele scales are created from a family of notes that sound pleasing together. They serve as the foundation to a tonality (major or minor).

Since the fretboard of an ‘ukulele is a crazy matrix, it’s very useful to have scale charts available for reference as you study.

Free Scale Chart Collection

laptop with ukulele

  • 14 scale types
  • One guidebook
  • Over 150 pages of scale reference

A detailed and expansive field of scale reference charts, this collection contains a whole book’s worth of charts and instruction.

Download the PDFs!

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Downloading the file is very easy:

  1. Click the button
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  3. Click “checkout”
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  6. Download the .zip file!

Once you extract the .zip file (just double click on most computers), you’ll have 15 PDF files:

  • Read Me – How to Learn Scales
  • Major (Ionian Mode)
  • Minor (Aeolian Mode)
  • Major Pentatonic
  • Minor Pentatonic
  • Blues
  • Dorian Mode
  • Phrygian Mode
  • Lydian Mode
  • Mixolydian Mode
  • Locrian Mode
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor
  • Diminished (Whole-Half)
  • Whole Tone
page from ukulele scales collection showing c major scale

Each page looks like this and contains two different chart variations: notes and scale degrees.

This image is web optimized to save space, but the images in the PDFs are full 300dpi so you can blow them up to monster sizes without losing quality.

Some Other Fretboard Layouts:

The below charts are old versions that are hosted here on the site. The information is exactly the same as the Collection, but they’re a great resource if you need a quick start with some of the basic scales.

These sheets show finger dots and the names of their notes on a fretboard grid.

Major Scales (Ionian Mode)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7. The basis of most music you will play.
Moveable Major Pentatonic
1 2 3 5 6. Only the most consonant notes for a big, open sound.
Moveable Minor Pentatonic
1 b3 4 5 b7. Two flatted blues notes make this a popular choice to alter the vibe of a solo.

Tabs of ‘Ukulele Scales:

Basic Major Scales
Root position open scales with fingering diagrams.
Chromatic Scale
All 12 Western notes in scale form shown with alternate fingerings. Can used be used as a “sheet music to tab converter.”
C Major Scale Variations
How to play the basic C scale normally, in 3rds, harmonized, and more. Great for deepening your knowledge of the scale.

The first two measures of each staff shows the scale in it’s lowest position starting from the root and the last two measures are an octave higher. If you play an ‘ukulele with a high-g then the low scale might sound off, but the note locations are the same – just in different octaves. The scale “spelling” is to the right of the link and based off of the root major scale.

How to Play Basic Major & Minor Scales on ‘Ukulele

C Major


G Major

G A B C D E F# G

F Major

F G A Bb C D E F

A Minor


E Minor

E F# G A B C D E

D Minor

D E F G A Bb C D

A Major

A B C# D E F# G# A

All About Modes:

Modes Explained
Confused about what the modes are? Me too. This page demystifies the theory behind them.