30 Easy ‘Ukulele Songs

3 or 4 chord easy ‘ukulele songs are hard to come by! That’s why I made this list. Here you’ll find songs that are easy to play and sound cool at the same time.

Rock/Pop Songs:

Contemporary Island Jams:


Hawaiian Songs:

While probably not as familiar, Hawaiian songs are great for learning ‘ukulele because of the very simple chords they often use. There are many, many Hawaiian songs that follow the same exact chord progression (order). These songs are all standards and should be easy to look up on Youtube so you can strum along:

A Tip on Learning New Songs:

Work on one aspect at a time. It really helps to break a song down by chords, strum, and vocals. If you try and do everything at once you’re going to struggle. Get familiar with the chords first – look them up, write them down, learn to finger them. Then take a look at a simple strum without trying to hold chords. Then sing through the song without trying to play. Once everything is easy separately, start adding pieces together – strum (muted) and sing or strum and hold chords. Then try and do it all at once. The idea is to get everything running on autopilot in one form or another. If you are trying to play it all at once with brute determination and thinking power, you might be able too, but it will feel way harder than it should.


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