75 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

Perfecting your uke strumming and chording techniques require a sandbox of fun, easy music. Which is why three or four chord easy ukulele songs totally rock!

Lots of people like to make lists and link to songs that are popular on the uke. But, of course, “popular” is not the same as “easy.”

Which is why most of these collections are not particularly useful and possibly frustrating. Some lists actually include quite difficult songs! (More on that at the very end.)

The ukulele is regarded as one of the easier instruments to start playing and with COVID-19 keeping folks cooped up, it’s more popular than ever.

Since that means lots of beginners searching the web and the fact that truly easy uke songs can be hard to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I put together some favorites that are fun to play and I often teach my students.

Easy ukulele songs for beginners: The Criteria

This is just my opinion of what an easy song should be, but all songs on this page:

  1. Have four or less chords in the whole piece
  2. Use chords that require no more than three fingers
  3. Don’t use barres (or need a capo)
  4. Can generally be played by most beginners without too much struggle

So with those criteria in mind, let’s jump in and look at the songs. They are separated by genre with some of my top picks highlighted at the beginning of each section.

Before we get going, if you want really simple two-chord songs, check out my page of tunes that only use F and C7 (two of the easiest uke chords).

Top 5 Easy Pop Ukulele Songs

With popular music where it’s at today using simple chords, it’s easier than ever for a beginner to strum recognizable songs on their ukulele. Pick a favorite here and click through to the chords to get started.

Counting Stars

By One Republic

Chords: Am, C, G, F

A modern classic of driving pop music, Counting Stars translates to ukulele surprisingly well.

Because of the nature of its repeating chord pattern, be sure to vary your strumming styles between sections so the song has some give and take. Even a simple down, down strum works wonders here.

Counting Stars chords

I’m Yours

By Jason Mraz

Chords: C, G, Am, F

Still a huge hit all these years later! I’m Yours is actually in a super hard ukulele key. But it’s next door neighbors with a super easy key so these chords below are easy for even a beginner uke player to strum.

I’m Yours chords


By Vance Joy

Chords: Am, G, C

One of the ukulele’s most popular current songs, Riptide rocks a low baritone sound and a bordering-on-out-of-control strum to rock through bizarre lyrical scenes.

The chords are very easy, but the strum is a little tricky. Because I’m nice I included a detailed write up on it here:

Riptide ukulele chords and strumming pattern

Uptown Funk

By Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars

Chords: Dm, G, F

Here’s a serious earworm with some easy chords. Uptown Funk follows an interesting dorian sound along with its groovy beat if you’re getting bored of more traditional sounding chord progressions.

Uptown Funk chords


By Flo Rida

Chords: Am, F, C, G

Here’s a club-banging tune with a repeating chord progression through the whole thing.

Whistle chords

More Pop Songs

Top 5 Easy Rock Ukulele Songs

With its roots in the blues, rock and roll has its fair share of songs with easy chords. This is the largest section and includes oldies to punk.

All Along The Watchtower

By Bob Dylan/Hendrix

Chords: Am, G, F

Of all the songs I personally play at my shows, All Along the Watchtower is one of my favorite ukulele songs for beginners. Its minor mood with the descending/ascending chord progression is a total win.

And since Bob and Jimi set the bar with their raspy and legendary “bad” voices, it’s a great tune to start singing on if you haven’t tried before.

All Along the Watchtower chords

Down On The Corner

By Credence Clearwater Revival

Chords: C, F, G7

An oldie, but goodie about jamming music in the street by CCR. Learn to pick the intro guitar part in addition to strumming the chords.

Down On The Corner chords

Octopus’s Garden

By The Beatles

Chords: C, F, Am, G

One of Ringo’s finest moments with the Beatles, Octopus’s Garden is a fabulously fun and well-written song. It’s also a perfect ukulele strum-along!

With minor sections and rhythmic breaks it’s fun to jam out on and create variations.

Octopus’s Garden chords

Still Haven’t Found (What I’m Looking For)

By U2

Chords: C, F, G

Still Haven’t Found is a total sleeper. Who would have thought that it is based on such easy chords? Because of The Edge’s tricky effected guitar work it sounds much more complex.

So get out a delay pedal and strum along!

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For chords

I Won’t Back Down

By Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Chords: Em, G, D, C

A study in chugging rock from the late Tom Petty, I Won’t Back Down has a fun push-pull rhythm that shortens the time spent strumming some chords and lengthens others.

With a steady downstrum and some nimble changes you’ll be rocking your uke like the Heartbreakers!

I Won’t Back Down chords

More Rock Songs

Top 5 Easy Country/Folk Ukulele Songs

A Horse With No Name

By America

Chords: Em, D

One of several two-chord gems on this list, Horse With No Name is almost as easy as they come. The chart shows some more advanced chord voicings, but just use Em and D in the place of the fancier Em9 and D6/9 or Dmaj9.

Horse With No Name chords

Achy Breaky Heart

By Billy Ray Cyrus

Chords: A, E7

Country songs are often very simple – great for covering on easy uke! Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit is no exception. Use E7 instead of E for a much more manageable version.

Achy Breaky Heart chords


By Hank Williams

Chords: C, G7

One of the top easy ukulele songs on this list, Jambalaya is the perfect first tune for a total newbie. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to make a local parody and change the lyrics to reflect your hometown.

Jambalaya chords

Leaving On A Jet Plane

By John Denver

Chords: C, F, G

I’m partial to Justin Young’s version (above), but the original follows the same chords and both get huge mileage from just three chords.

Leaving on a Jet Plane chords

Ring of Fire

By Johnny Cash

Chords: G, C, D

A classic from Mr. Cash, Ring of Fire is a great, simple song to play on your ukulele. Try adding 3rd double stops and learn the picking riff!

Ring of Fire chords

More Country/Folk Songs

Top 5 Easy Reggae Songs

Reggae often uses easy chords, but since it relies heavily on a syncopated skank strum it can be difficult for beginners to play. If you’re a strumming wiz who wants to drill on some easy songs, reggae is your jam.

One Day

By Matisyahu

Chords: C, G, Am, F

Certainly one of the most powerful songs on this list, One Day is more of a pop song than reggae, but Matisyahu IS modern reggae in my mind.

Take note of the progression. With these four chords in this order you can play LOTS of songs.

One Day chords

One Love

By Bob Marley

Chords: C, F, G, Am

While the chords aren’t too hard, Bob’s tricky timing is a good challenge for those that want a little more.

One Love chords

Red, Red Wine

By UB40

Chords: G, C, D

A great three chord repeating progression to practice your chanking on, Red, Red Wine delivers a mellow vibe and a bubbly message.

Red, Red Wine chords

Three Little Birds

By Bob Marley

Chords: A, D, E7

A seriously legendary feel-good reggae song, Three Little Birds is likely one of Bob’s most well-known compositions. Change the E to an E7 for an easier variation.

Three Little Birds chords

What I Got

By Sublime

Chords: D, G

Though not a heavy reggae song, Sublime is such a renowned reggae band that What I Got sort of has to go here. It’s only two chords and some attitude.

What I Got chords


These songs are a part of North American culture. They are some of the most well-known tunes to be found anywhere.

You Are My Sunshine

Chords: C, F, G7

You Are My Sunshine chords

Amazing Grace

Chords: C, F, G7

THE beautiful gospel song.

Amazing Grace chords

Happy Birthday

Chords: C, F, G7

If there’s one song that any musician in North America should know it’s Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday chords

Other Traditional Songs

Top 5 Easy Island Jams

“Island” music can be a lot of things, but to me, living in Hawai’i, it means contemporary local music that sits somewhere between traditional Hawaiian and either reggae or mainstream music.

These are awesome tunes for chilling out and jamming at mellow events where a little island flavor on the uke can make things a little more tropical.

Shine On

By John Cruz

Chords: C, G7

With just two chords, John Cruz really wrote the perfect easy ukulele song. The catchy melody, simple chord changes, and gentle vibe makes for a fun strum along whether you’re a beginner or advanced player.

Shine On chords

Cane Fire

By the Peter Moon Band

Chords: Am, G, F

Peter Moon’s legendary song about growing pakalolo (marijuana) in the cane fields is probably out of reach in picking department. But the chord structure is a piece of cake and the minor key is fun for jamming on and a great place to begin trying your own lead improvisations.

Cane Fire chords


By One Groove

Chords: C, F, G

One of my favorite songs of all time in the Jawaiian (Hawaiian reggae) genre, One Groove keeps it simple with a repeating reggae chord pattern. For those who want more of a challenge, you can try picking the intro lead.

Heartache chords

Island Style

By John Cruz

Chords: C, F, G7

In his anthem of life in Hawai’i, John Cruz captured a Hawaiian style feel while keeping the words contemporary.

This is usually the very first easy ukulele song I teach complete beginners. It’s super simple and musically satisfying. Little effort for a really fun sound with lyrics anybody can sing and play (even if you don’t know what “lomi salmon” is).

Island Style chords

Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u

By Olomana

Chords: C, F, G7

This song is about the area of Kahalu’u on the island of O’ahu. It’s a very nostalgic song that all the old timers love.

With such easy chords the Hawaiian refrain is probably the most challenging part for most people!

Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u chords

More Island Jams

Top 5 Easy Hawaiian Songs

These are songs in Hawaiian language. If you can get a grasp on basic pronunciation, Hawaiian music is a beginning ukulele player’s paradise.

There are many, many Hawaiian songs that follow the same exact chord progression (order).

E Huli Makou

By David Chung

Chords: F, G7, C7

A great simple ukulele tune and also one of the easiest songs to learn to hula.

E Huli Makou chords

Haleakala Hula

By Alice Namakelua

Chords: C, F, G7

A rousing song for Maui’s majestic mountain, easy chords can be made difficult by the speed!

Haleakala Hula chords

I Kona

By James Kelepolo

Chords: C, G7

One last fabulously easy ukulele song with two chords that is more of a vocal showcase song. If you’re a comfortable singer, give the falsetto style a try!

I Kona chords

Kaulana Na Pua

By Ellen Prendergast

Chords: C, F, G7

Kaulana Na Pua is a song of resistance and support for our late Queen, Lili’uokalani.

Kaulana Na Pua chords


By Rev. Dennis Kamakahi

Chords: C, F, G7

A modern classic by the late Rev. Dennis Kamakahi about the Kalalau area on Kaua’i.

Kokeʻe chords

If you want even more ideas for some easy uke songs, there is a great collection on Uke Hunt arranged by chords used. It’s a clever way of seeing how learning just a single chord can allow you to play a ton more songs.

A Tip on Learning New Songs:

Work on one aspect at a time. It really helps to break a song down by chords, strum, and vocals.

If you try and do everything at once you’re going to struggle. Get familiar with the chords first – look them up (if you need a chord chart, click here), write them down, learn to finger them. Then take a look at a simple strum without trying to hold chords. Then sing through the song without trying to play.

Once everything is easy separately, start adding pieces together – strum (muted) and sing or strum and hold chords. Then try and do it all at once. The idea is to get everything running on autopilot in one form or another. If you are trying to play it all at once with brute determination and thinking power, you might be able too, but it will feel way harder than it should.

Two Songs That Aren’t Easy (But are on Other Lists)

There are a certain number of famous songs that get thrown onto other easy song lists because they’re well known. But this doesn’t mean they are a great song for beginners.

The reason you won’t find these here is because I’m an ukulele teacher. I’ve taught and continue to teach these songs to beginners and wouldn’t dream of including some of these in a uke 101 class:

  • Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole (Tons of chords with shifting patterns)
  • Hey Soul Sister by Train (Recorded in a hard key and with a fast strum that will just confuse beginners. You CAN transpose it, but often the magic is being able to play along with the recording)

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