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‘Ukulele Tabs

The following ‘ukulele tabs are in PDF format created with Guitar Pro, Powertab, or good ol’ Microsoft Word. They are separated by styles of music: Rock/Pop, Hawaiian, Jazz/Bossa Nova, Reggae, Soundtrack/Theme, Folk/World/Other, and Traditional. In each section tabs are further sorted by difficulty:

These tabs have basic single note melodies, sometimes interspersed with simple chords.
Middle of the road tabs with more intricate lines, double stops, and techniques.
Difficult melodies, complex chord integration, note-for-note transcriptions, and subtlety.


Green Day
Jack Johnson
The Grateful Dead††
The Doobie Brothers (Low G)
John Mayer
Simon and Garfunkel
Carlos Santana (Easier Version of Europa)
The California Ramblers (Solo Arr.)
Los Lonely Boys
The Beatles
Jason Mraz
Jack Johnson
John Lennon (Solo Arr.)
Carlos Santana
Bobby Darin
Van Morrison††
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Herb Ohta Jr./Stevie Wonder
Judy Garland‡
Led Zeppelin (low G)
Stevie Wonder
Neil Diamond††
Eric Johnson (low G)
John Mayer (low G)


Queen Lili’uokalani
Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole (Instrumental version)
Herb Ohta Jr.
Eddie Kamae (Low G)
Brittni Paiva/Herb Ohta Jr.
John Cruz
MIDI File | Etude for Slack Key ‘Ukulele
Da ‘Ukulele Boyz
Troy Fernandez
Herb Ohta Jr.†
Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho
The Peter Moon Band
Herb Ohta Jr.
Herb Ohta Jr.
Brittni Paiva


Frank Sinatra/Ella Fitzgerald (Solo Arr.)
Joseph Kosma (Solo Arr.)
Luiz Bonfa
Erroll Garner (Solo Arr.)
Antonio Carlos Jobim


Bob Marley


(low G version) | Stanley Myers‡
Merv Griffin
Johnny Mandel
Koji Kondo


Brittni Paiva
Traditional (Solo Arr.)
Barney Rush (Solo Arr.)
Mary Black (Solo Arr. – low G)
Ralph McTell (Solo Arr.)
Traditional (Low G) (High g version)
Herb Ohta Jr. (low G)


Johann Pachelbel

– Tab by Herb Ohta Jr. | †† – Tab by Jeromy Renynolds | – Tab by Glenn Reither


guitarproMaking the Tabs:

  • Currently, I am creating my ‘ukulele tabs with Guitar Pro 6. It’s available on Amazon for $35 and is worth every penny. GP6 gives you lots of options to configure the look and feel of your tab all while maintaining a very professional and clean end product. I highly recommend it if you are constantly making tabs and want an easy to use program that creates high quality tabs.
  • Tabs in text documents are created in Word or notepad using a monospace font like Courier New.
  • Pre-December 2012 tabs were made with Powertab editor 1.7.
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